Welcome to Dos Santos International, LLC where we are the foremost authority on high angle conveyor applications and design of sandwich belt type high angle conveyors. We invite you to learn more about our most reliable and economical solution for your steep angle and vertical high-tonnage conveying requirement, our Snake Sandwich Conveyor.

DSI was founded on its extensive worldwide experience in sales, engineering, and construction of bulk materials handling systems and equipment. This has included major contributions that have expanded the range of bulk handling and transport solutions. Most notably advances in sandwich belt high angle conveyors have led to their worldwide utilization. The expertise of DSI spans a wide range of materials handling systems and equipment including high angle conveyors, high powered, high capacity, high lift slope conveyors and long overland conveyors utilizing the very latest technology.

Dos Santos International is the ideal consultant and supplier for this technology and we welcome you to browse our pages and learn more about our expertise and worldwide presence. We look forward to the opportunity to fulfill your materials handling needs.

Your DSI Team

Dos Santos International was founded in 1997 on the experience and accomplishments of its name sake, Joseph A. Dos Santos. Recognized as a high tech leader in materials handling and engineering, DSI approaches the future with optimism and confidence.

Great confidence is placed in the DSI officers and Personnel. Each brings unique strengths that complement and leverage the others so that DSI is more than the sum of the highly qualified individuals, it is a team with unity of vision and direction and diverse capabilities to focus on the common objective.

Joseph is the founder and president of DSI and has a B.S. and Masters of Civil Engineering from Cornell University. He has published several major study reports on high angle conveyors and has written numerous technical articles on modern continuous haulage systems and equipment. He is the inventor on three US and foreign patents covering the HAC® High Angle Conveyor and is inventor of the DSI Snake Sandwich belt conveyor system. Joseph is a registered professional engineer and a member of the society of Mining Engineers.

J.A. Dos Santos Resume

Marc has a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering with Information Technology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He joined DSI as a partner on May 1, 2004.  Marc was an important part of DSI at its founding in 1997, organizing much of the company’s computer and communications systems. Since 2004, he has played a major role in the development and optimization of many company processes and analysis tools.  He has worked through the development of a number of DSI Snakes, and been deeply involved in various consulting and upgrade projects.  He has represented DSI at a number of Snake Conveyor start-ups from Australia to the Arctic Circle.

Marc joined DSI from Midé Technology located in Medford, Massachusetts, where he worked in high-tech projects involving piezoelectrics, smart materials, fuel injection for jet fighters and lab software development. His experience and expertise will now serve DSI’s high-tech systems and services. Marc will take on engineering responsibilities including software development.

Marc dos Santos Resume

Amy is a 2004 graduate of the University of Alabama where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations. While at the University of Alabama, Amy served as creative director for the Uvote 2004 campaign, an outreach to young unregistered voters. After graduation, Amy worked at a Birmingham, Ala. radio station as a creative writer and promotions coordinator. During her two year stint, she lined up many on air interviews with several influential people such as, Senator Trent Lott and Fox News Contributor and former Clinton aid, Dick Morris to name a few. She was also responsible for interviews with sport figures like Charles Barkley. During her time with the news talk station, Amy also organized promotional appearance for the hosts of the all news talk station which reached from Birmingham to the borders of Tennessee, Mississippi and Georgia. During the gubernatorial election, Amy organized a voter registration campaign, registering hundreds of Alabamians to vote, some for the first time. Fluent in Portuguese and proficient in Spanish, Amy has traveled and interacted in various cultures. She continues to excel journalistically with publish announcements world-wide. Amy serves as Marketing Manager supporting the representation of DSI worldwide and fulfilling all advertising and office duties.

Amy Duncan Resume

Jack is a 1972 graduate of the United States Coast Guard Academy where he obtained a bachelor of science degree. While serving in the United States Coast Guard, Jack went from student engineering to Engineering Officer on various Cutters and also served a tour of duty as a marine inspector. His duties included maintenance and operation of Coast Guard vessel propulsion plants and auxiliary equipment. He also inspected merchant vessel’s hull/machinery at various shipyards. In 1979, Jack joined Electro-Coal Transfer where he became manager of maintenance. During Jack’s tenure, the terminal became Teco Bulk Terminal in 2001 and United Bulk Terminal in 2007. He oversaw planning, scheduling of personnel and equipment for structural, mechanical, electrical and mobile equipment maintenance work. He implemented Planned and Preventive Maintenance systems at the terminal. He then became director of engineering where he was responsible for management of all capital construction and major equipment repair projects. He also oversaw work of all outside engineering consultants and construction contractors. Jack handled environmental permitting and compliance for the terminal, and conducted in-house operational and equipment efficiency studies as well as ROI projections for terminal expansion. Until his retirement in 2009, Jack was responsible for all terminal routine maintenance and capital construction at United Bulk Terminal.

Jack joins Dos Santos International with 40 years experience in engineering and maintenance and a reputation of commitment, integrity, consistency and dedication. He will serve routinely as consultant and field advisor for DSI work, providing services such as permitting, environmental impact and major equipment modifications. He will also serve as project manager and lead for major multi-disciplinary projects.

Jack Synovec Resume

Peter is a 2013 graduate of Auburn University where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. While at Auburn, Peter taught an undergraduate hydraulics lab course and assisted in research efforts toward determining the effects of a new ALDOT project on a local watershed near Birmingham, AL. He participated in the Cooperative Education Program through which he worked at the U.S. Geological Survey in Montgomery, AL., and led a team in groundwater well development efforts. Peter was also a member of the leadership team for Campus Church. In this position, he organized and led teams in many community service events. Peter volunteered often with Alabama Rural Ministries (ARM) serving on and leading teams in home repair projects in the local communities.

Peter will serve as a Civil/Structural Engineer, helping to develop projects and generate business for Dos Santos International.

Peter Nevels Resume

Tom is licensed professional engineer and a graduate of Auburn University, where he obtained his bachelor’s and master’s degree in mechanical engineering. He has over 30 years experience, including bulk material handling, unit handling, and manufacturing. His experience includes systems design, import/export terminal design, product research and development, continuous improvement, project management and engineering management. Specialties include design of high angle sandwich belt systems, long overland conveyor systems, booster drives, large capacity belt feeders, regenerative conveying systems, vibratory feeders, and idlers. Tom has contributed to several CEMA standards and has served on various CEMA committees over the last 25 years. He is now serving as Vice President of Engineering for Dos Santos International.


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