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DSI was founded on its extensive worldwide experience in sales, engineering, and construction of bulk materials handling systems and equipment. This has included major contributions that have expanded the range of bulk handling and transport solutions. Most notably advances in sandwich belt high angle conveyors have led to their worldwide utilization. The expertise of DSI spans a wide range of materials handling systems and equipment including high angle conveyors, high powered, high capacity, high lift slope conveyors and long overland conveyors utilizing the very latest technology.

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Conveyor Analysis and Development

At Dos Santos International we have designed and developed hundreds of conveyors for many challenging material handling applications. Each project has its own unique challenges, but with the experience of our engineers, we have developed in-house software utilizing analysis models that allows us to predict load equivalents and stresses of new conveyor applications . Utilizing this software package allows us to engineer the best conveyor solution for your specific application.

We have used this software to optimize the operation of our conventional conveyor system at Los Filos in Mexico.  Please see the flier on our FTP site by clicking this line.

Special features of the DSI "Expanded Conveyor Technology"

  1. Each run produces a complete tension and power analysis under steady state, starting and stopping conditions. Stopping is by braking and by drifting. Starting and stopping analyses utilize rigid body dynamics.
  2. Sequential runs, using macros, allow real time analysis and graphical display of changing load conditions including load-on, trailing-off and any discontinuity of material flow. This feature allows us to spot, quickly, the aggravations of flow discontinuities.
  3. Virtual material loads, or "load equivalents" are used to account for belt line resistance's associated with the curving profile or plan of the conveyor line. These (previously unaccounted for) resistance's become significant at horizontal curves where the effect is always increased resistance.
  4. Ky, flex and shear resistance factors differ from CEMA reflecting DSI experience and philosophy.
  5. In the analysis, belt tension becomes negative (compressive) when it drops below 0. This, though not realistic (as belt becomes slack), allows continued analysis indicating the tension increase required to correct the slack belt problem.
  6. An in-put section entitled "Discretion by Responsible Engineer" offers the user an opportunity to affect the analysis by use of adjustment factors on the Ky and Kx values and on the terminal resistance's. These factors can be used to alter the results according to known characteristics of the conveyors being analyzed, to reflect the user's design philosophy or to achieve matching of field monitored data.
Material coal   Belt width 914 mm
  -Density .88 t/m^3 Belt speed 3.05 m/s
Conveying rate 771 t/h Tension rating 175 kN/m
CEMA area
  -20 deg surcharge
0.091 sq. m Ambient temperature -17.8 deg C
%CEMA load 87.5 % Temperature factor 1.35  


Tensions Summary

T1 14105.3 9078.2 19028.7 1981.9 5201.1
T2 3723.2 3573.1 2940.2 10143.6 3861.1
Tmax 14105.3 9078.2 19028.7 10436.9 5201.1
kN/m 151.3 97.4 204.2 112.0 55.8
Accel/Decel Time (secs) N/A N/A 19.5 6.9 10.6
Shaft KW 314.5 167.8 509.1 -244.2 0.0
7.0 % losses 22.0 11.7 35.6 17.1 0.0
Motor (+) / Brake (-) kW 336.5 179.5 544.7 -227.1 0.0
Selected motor kW 391.6 391.6 391.6 391.6 391.6
Node 1, T-U tens (kg) 3856 3856 3856 3856 3856
Conveyor stretch (m) 9.2 8.4 12.0 7.1 4.5
Take-up stretch (m) 4.6 4.2 6.0 3.5 2.3